A Chipinge businessman has embarked on a massive horticulture project five months after he was allocated a piece of land under the land reform programme turning the once bushy area into a green belt.

Danmore Hlemera popularly known as ‘Yadzonzayi’ who made a name for himself when he established successful beer halls, a lodge and restaurants has diversified his business to ventures into horticulture farming in Chipinge rural ward six.

Yadzondzayi was allocated 12 and half hectares of land in April this year and the once bushy area has already been turned into a green belt producing tomatoes, cabbages, maize and water lemons among other crops.

Yadzonzayi saids it was his vision to venture into farming activities and he is a proud beneficiary of the land reform programme as he grows his business empire through the government’s empowerment initiative.

The businessman who has a number of crops on his newly established irrigation scheme that include tomatoes, cabbages, maize and water melons among others said agriculture is one of the viable business ventures adding that he hopes the authorities can increase his hectarage to expand and boost productivity.

Villagers in Chipinge rural ward six contend the project has ensured food security and created employment for many locals.

The new drip irrigation project by Yadzonzayi is one of the success stories of the land reform programme and brings into discussion issues on productivity as there is a call to repose underutilised farms and reallocate them to those capable of increasing agricultural productivity.