A 17-year-old boy from Chinhoyi’s Cherima section in Chikonohono, Wayne Zivanai, is displaying an inclination towards pursuing a technology oriented path after designing several replica of motorised models or toys.

Among the artifacts designed by the teen are model planes, boats and a model ship which is still in the making.

Buyers are paying around $15 for each of the artifacts.

Wayne says his model designs are installed with electronic chips, connected to motor sensors.

The chip uses transistors and resistors that are in turn linked to a transmitter which receives signals from a remote control for a command.

The young man added that the model plane can be commanded to fly through the electronic system installed onto it.

For the model ship, which is yet to be completed, the idea is to have it sail on top of water, and can be commanded using a remote control up to a distance of between 40 and 100 metres.

The main bodies of the artifacts are made mainly from hard covers of counter books and hair braids card board covers.

The model ship is set for a test by this weekend in Hunyani River.

If successfully launched, it will fetch the boy some $50.

Wayne is awaiting his ‘O’ level results which he sat for at Nemakonde High School.

His ingenuity however shows the untapped scientific mind that the country is creating.