One of the country’s biggest cotton ginneries in Chinhoyi is now up and running with expectations high that it processes about 25 000 tonnes of the white gold produced under the free Presidential cotton inputs scheme.

Harvesting of cotton is now in full swing with reports from the cotton greenbelts indicating that some farmers have begun delivering their crop for safe keeping.

When the ZBC News visited the Chinhoyi Cotton Ginnery, technicians were busy putting final touches at one of the country’s biggest ginneries with the plant manager expressing satisfaction on the state of preparedness to receive and gin the cotton.

The ginnery’s Business Development Manager, Claudious Kanhema said everything is progressing well and the ginnery is expected to gin about 25 000 up from 700 ginned last year, thanks to the free Presidential inputs.

The government has already pegged the cotton producer price at 55 cents per kg for grade cotton on top of the free cotton inputs.

The ball is now in the Agriculture Marketing Authority’s (AMA) court to announce the buying dates and to kick start the 2017 cotton selling season.