chinese dancve.jpgA Chinese visual impaired performing art troupe thrilled hundreds of music and dance lovers last night at the Celebration Centre where they performed to almost a capacity crowd under the theme ‘My Dream’.


Among the members of the Chinese dance troupe members who are in the country, some of them are deaf, others are blind while the other members have other forms of disability.


 Of worthy noting was the performance of Alexio Kawara’s hit song ‘Shaina’ which was done so perfectly in Shona by the visual impaired Yang Haijun.

It all started in 1987 when about 30 disabled people who love arts were permitted to participate in China Arts festival and founded the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe.


They turned professional in 2004 and started performing in villages and communities.


In as much as they can play musical instruments such as the piano, their strength is in singing and dancing.


They also rearrange and orchestrate music all by themselves as with what they did with the local hit song Shaina and the Zimbabwe’s national anthem.


Some of their dances include ballet swans, yellow earth and butterfly lovers.  In 2008, the China Disabled people’s Performing Art Troupe undertook the art performance for opening and closing of Beijing 2008 paralympics and held 72 cultural events for friends both at home and abroad.


 Their visit to Zimbabwe comes after they presented 150 performances in 60 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.


Most of their performances are done under the theme, ‘My Dream’ in different languages.