eye cataract surgery 22.09.10.jpgThree hundred people with eye cataracts from across the country, are set to undergo surgery free of charge under a Chinese initiative code named Brightness Project. 


This was revealed by the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Yuan Nansheng at a media briefing in Harare. 



Three Chinese eye specialists from the National Blindness Preventing Group including the leader, Mr. Han Demin, will be in the country from the 19th to the 25th of this month carrying out cataract surgery free of charge at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.


Mr. Yuan Nansheng, noted that Zimbabwe has a big number of people who have become blind but their condition can be rectified if they undergo cataract surgery.


“Cases of avoidable blindness are on the increase yet their condition can be rectified. I am glad that the doctors from China who will be working with some local doctors will assist a lot of people who have partially lost their eyesight,” said Mr Nansheng.yuan nansheng.jpg


The 3 doctors are coming to Zimbabwe courtesy of a Chinese Airline that has provided a charter plane and a Chinese Construction Company that has offered to foot all their expenses during their stay. From Zimbabwe, the team will travel to Malawi on a similar mission.
Local eye specialists Dr Boniface Macheka, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu and others will assist the Chinese experts during their 5-day tour of duty.


Dr Macheka said people who had been referred to Sekuru Kaguvi Eye Unit for eye surgeries, will also be amongst those who will get free treatment.


He said: “Sekuru Kaguvi is a referral centre and most people including those from the rural areas who develop eye problems are referred there so there is a pool of people who were listed to undergo surgery and that is where we are getting some of the people who will benefit.”


The National Blindness Preventing Group was formed in 2003, with the aim of eliminating avoidable blindness. More than 100 000 Zimbabweans across the country require cataract surgery to have their eye sight restored.


At private hospitals the procedure ranges between US$800 to $US1 500. Sixty to 70 people are expected to be operated daily free of charge at Chitungwiza Central from the 20th to the 25th of this month.