land.jpgThe Chinese province of Unan has expressed interest in co-operating with local rice farmers in a development expected to boost the country’s crop production.

Rice farmers who are producing the crop at a small scale due to shortage of hybrid seed will benefit from the extension of support from China.


Representatives of the Chinese Unan Overseas Friendship Association are in the country to carry out discussions with government Agriculture Mechanization and Irrigation Development Minister Dr. Joseph Made and senior officials from the ministry.


Speaking after meeting with the Chinese delegation Association Of Rural District Authorities Acting General Manager Mr. Willard Mbona said the Chinese are working out modalities on how to roll out the programmes and will initially provide training for local personnel from the agriculture research department and ARDA.


“The Chinese produce 10 to 12 tonnes of rice per hectare while we are producing 3 tonnes so we will benefit immensely from working with them,”said Mr. Mbona.

ARDA has already identified three farms for the pilot project namely Jotsholo, Ngwezi and Antelope with a total hectarage of 1700 which can be put under rice production in regions 4 and 5.


Upland rice is the most common type being produced locally although production has been subdued.