xin shungkang 02-11-11.pngChinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Xin Shunkang has commended Zimbabweans for working hard to discredit the negative image that was being peddled in the last few years against the country through various western media and organisations hostile to the Southern African country.

Mr. Shunkang was addressing journalists in Harare this Wednesday morning on Zimbabwe-China ties and the newly introduced Chinese foreign policy paper entitled “China’s Peaceful Development.”

During the news conference, which was attended by senior media workers at the Chinese Embassy, Ambassador Shunkang explained the principles of China’s foreign policy for the coming years as outlined in the white paper.

The principles are that China is committed to peaceful development to facilitate modernisation and prosperity, while pursuing scientific development and self-reliance for addressing challenges of development.

It also focuses on greater openness, development by cooperation, development through a win-win policy and to the development of China as a force for peace.

He added that like China, Zimbabwe’s belief in the principle that the country’s development is best served by greater openness to the outside world has seen the country getting the nod to sell its diamonds without hindrance through the Kimberly Process after many years of dispute with some western powers.

He also saluted Zimbabwe for winning the bid to co-host the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly, which he again attributed to the principle of openness to the outside world.

Ambassador Shunkang urged Zimbabweans to brace for an anticipated upsurge of tourist arrivals especially those from China, in view of the improving image of the country.

On Sino-Zimbabwe relations, Ambassador Shunkang highlighted the numerous Zimbabwean delegations that have travelled to China and Chinese delegations to Zimbabwe for exchanges, saying last month alone, nine Zimbabwean delegations visited his country while 8 Chinese delegations came to Zimbabwe.

China has also supported Zimbabwe’s land reform programme and has implemented several projects under the Zimbabwe-China-Africa Cooperation Platform.