Chinese president Xi Jinping addresses the 19th Communist Party of China congress in Beijing

Jerold Sasa in Beijing, China

The 19th congress of the Communist Party of China was officially opened by Secretary General Xi Jinping who set out an agenda for the party for the next five years.

The party’s congress theme which reads: ‘Remain True to Our Original Aspiration And Keep Our Mission Firmly In Mind, Hold High The Banner Of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics, Secure A Decisive Victory In Building A Moderately Prosperous Society In All Respects, Strive For The Great Success Of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics For A New Era, And Work Tirelessly To Realise The Chinese Dream Of National Rejuvenation’- sets out the agenda for the party in the next five and sums up the party’s vision and aspirations.

President Xi Jinping also outlined his party and country’s relationship with the developing world saying China will increase assistance to developing countries to reduce the north-south gap, support multilateral trade regimes and facilitate establishment of free trade areas and build an open world economy.

The Asian giant also says it stands for democracy in international relations and the equality of all countries.

The party’s leader also spoke on how China is applying a new vision of development and developing a modernised economy.

The congress which is expected to end on the 24th of this month is expected to amend the constitution and elect a new central commission for discipline inspection.