xin shunkang and president mugabe.jpgChina’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Xin Shunkang, says Chinese people have lots of respect for the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe for his resolute stance against imperialist forces who want to plunder resources of developing nations.

Mr. Xin said Chinese people have great respect for President Mugabe for his resolute stand against neo-colonial forces.

He said the Chinese people commonly refer to Cde Mugabe as the father of Southern Africa as he played a critical role in the political and economic independence of other countries in the region.

“The people of China have respect for President Mugabe whom they see as a liberator as they have a better understanding of the situation in your country,” said Mr. Xin.

On China’s relationship with Zimbabwe, Ambassador Shunkang said his country will continue to assist in advancing Zimbabwe’s economic independence.

“We continue to support Zimbabwe‘s economic recovery, especially in areas such as mining and our business people will continue to invest in this country,” he added.

China which is the second biggest economy in the world is Zimbabwe’s all-weather friend.

China has assisted the country in various critical sectors such as infrastructure development, health, education and economic recovery in the wake of illegal sanctions imposed on the country by Western countries.

Alongside Russia, China shot down western attempts to impose UN sanction on Zimbabwe in 2008.