The focus on China-Africa media co-operation has been noted as key in promoting good relations between China and African countries.

This came out at the 2017 Seminar for Renowned Presenters and Producers which is underway in Beijing, China.

The seminar seeks to develop China-Africa media relations as well and promote a common understanding in the operations of the African media industry.  

One of the lecturers at the seminar, Mr Li Ansham from the Centre for African Studies at Peking University of China said it is vital for both China and African countries to work together in improving the media industry and to exchange ideas.

Some of the participants from African countries applauded the Chinese government for providing them with an interactive platform to gain experience.

The seminar kicked off on the 6th of this month with discussions on working with African countries to make the best use of the media to safeguard African countries’ interests.

Also taking centre stage is the issue of integration in broadcasting and the use of new media technologies.