mbare choir.jpgThe Mbare Chimurenga Choir has released their second album accompanied by a video of the track titled ‘Mahwindi’ with the aim of encouraging oneness in the country.

The album produced by Amos Mahendere, was crafted by Elizabeth Madzimure Bwanya, the leader of the group who said the new album is a special tribute to touts known in Shona as Mahwindi.

“We have been practicing for a long time now just hoping one day the heavens would open up and they did well on time. We are now working on the other videos with the help of the Ministry of Information, Media and Publicity.”

A political commissar during the war, Cde Bwanya is not new to working with people and mobilising members to record the second album.

She says producing the video was a great achievement.

She added the album is also a celebration of the gains of the liberation struggle in which people sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the black majority.

Bwanya points that the kongonya dance is reminiscent of the liberation dances during night vigils known as pungwes in Shona.

Besides the popular Chimurenga beats, the album also features a fusion of Jiti and sing-along choruses that make the group popular.

The original choir was made up of 109 women, but on this new album they have scaled the number to a manageable size.


Bwanya thanked all those who are receiving their music in all the provinces for their encouragement and urged women from other provinces to emulate the Mbare Chimurenga Choir.

‘Mahwindi’ is the group’s second album following ‘Nyatsoteerera’ which set a new standard in the production of Chimurenga music and videos.