Today marks 14 years after the death of legendary musician, provincial hero and Dendera music founder, Simon Chimbetu.

Affectionately known as Chopper among his legion of fans, the late Chimbetu was a guitarist, vocalist, composer and a dancer who left an indelible mark on the local musical scene.

His musical journey started in 1978 when he formed the Marxist Brothers with his late brother, Naison before he went solo and formed Orchestra Dendera Kings.

Chimbetu’s career spanned 27 years, which saw him penning songs based on social commentary, love and politics.

During the war of liberation, Chimbetu joined the then Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) which employed him as an entertainer for guerrillas in exile with his war experiences inspiring him to come up with popular hits such as Ndarangarira Gamba, One Way, Africa Inaliya and Pane Asipo, which proved to be the favourites of many.

Chopper might be gone, but his legacy still lives on through his sibling Allan, his son Sulumani and nephew Tryson, who are pushing the Dendera brand forward.

Chimbetu was born on 2 September 1959 in Musengezi, and departed on the 14th August 2005 and was declared a provincial hero.

He had 22 albums to his name, which include Mwana Wedangwe, Lullaby, Pachipamwe, African Panorama and Survival, among others.

Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment from Sulumani were fruitless, as the entire family is in Shurugwi for the Simon Chimbetu commemorations.