The Tessa Pool in Chimanimani is a site yearning to be accorded its place in the tourism industry.

The pool attracts thousands of people every year despite its history being undocumented and visitors accessing it free of charge.

At the bottom of Chimanimani mountains is a spectacle of a pool that when one visits, he or she experiences the tranquil and refreshing breeze surrounding this site.

The Tessa pool is popular with tourists but sadly, indications are that its history has not been properly documented.

Some of the local people say the pool was named after a daughter of one of the directors at the nearby training centre founded in 1961.

A chief instructor at the local training centre, Calvin Maguu said the presence of numerous rock art sites near Tessa pool speaks of it having had an association with the San people.

Maguu said the pool, whose source is the Haron river that flows all year round from Mozambique, is one of the unsung tourism destinations that have attracted the attention of many who visits Chimanimani.

Chimanimani is famed for being endowed with several tourist attraction sites, among them the Bridal Falls, the Chimanimani mountains, Chimanimani Curves and Risuti Valley, that can generate revenue in the sector.