The Chimanimani Tourism Association has called for more attention to be directed towards protecting biodiversity in order for the resort town to continue attracting more international tourists.

Chimanimani is one of Africa’s nature reserves that encompasses a number of mountain ranges, forests and world-renowned cave systems, hence the need to conserve the biodiversity of the ecosystem as well conserve the local wildlife.

As one of the country’s major tourist attractions and a key biodiversity area, any threats to the areas’ vegetation and animals affects the uniqueness of the tourism resort that attracts many tourists from across the globe.

The highly treasured tourism destination might be reduced into an ordinary place if stern measures are not taken to protect the forests as there is rampant destruction of forests, illegal gold mining activities and killing of birds and animals, said members of the local tourism association.

“The level of destroying nature in the area has reached alarming levels hence the need to take stern measures to stop the indiscriminate mal-practice,”said some of the tourism association members.

For the tourism association, Chimanimani needs more protection from those who destroy nature as it is the unique surroundings that attract tourists more.