vp nkomo 03-11-11.pngVice-President Cde John Landa Nkomo has reaffirmed government’s commitment to uplift children’s welfare saying their well-being has always been a priority.

Cde Nkomo made the remarks at the launch of the second phase of the US$85 million Education Transition Fund (ETF) and a distribution programme that will see 7 million textbooks being distributed in all the country’s secondary schools.

The government in partnership with the United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) and several international partners launched the second phase of the ETF and a countrywide distribution programme of more than 7 million textbooks in all secondary schools across the country, at a ceremony held at Bak Storage warehouses in Harare.

At least one million secondary school pupils in more than 2 300 schools are set to benefit. 

The Guest of Honour, Vice President John Landa Nkomo said the ETF has come at a time when the government is shifting focus from increasing the number of schools to the provision of quality education.

vp nkomo books 03-11-11.png“The welfare of our children has always been a priority of the government of Zimbabwe. Government hopes to empower the future generations and give them a legacy that can see them uphold their societal and cultural values,” said VP Nkomo.

Speaking at the same occasion, Prime Minister, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai said the revitalisation of the education sector should remain on top of the development agenda as the government works towards the provision of quality basic social services to the people of Zimbabwe.

UNICEF country representative, Dr Peter Salama said US$50 million was raised for the first phase of the ETF which saw the ratio of textbooks to pupils in primary schools getting to a 1:1 ration.

Pupils with visual impairments also benefitted under the first phase through the provision of Braille books.

The second phase of the ETF will see at least US$85 million availed to accelerate the revitalisation of the education sector.

The government will also avail 59 vehicles that will be used for the supervision and monitoring of educational programmes in an effort to improve the learning and teaching environment.