Government has been called upon to come up with clear policies and sustainable projects that pave way for a smooth transition for children from children’s homes into the society.

This comes as the homes are mandated to look after children below the age of 18 years.

Children’s homes are viewed as a better alternative for homeless minors.

A number of vulnerable children came through such an upbringing, however, analysts believe there is need for a long term solution that allows smooth transition from homes into the society.

A social worker Mr Musekiwa Makwanya believes sustainable development projects are the best solution in empowering these children as they are rendered homeless once they are above the legal majority age.

Director for Southern African Trust Dr Mildred Mushunje said there is need to come up with policies that help during the transition from a home to the society and ensure these children get access to resources.

There are a number of organisations and well wishers who have been partnering the government in ensuring all vulnerable children get access to decent shelter.

Efforts have been made to transform homes into small units a development which has seen these children being raised in a friendly and family set up.