missing given flint matapure.jpgHundreds of children and other people from all walks of life held a solidarity march with the Matapure family in Harare demanding the return of 3 year-old Given, who went missing in August.

It is now almost three months since Given Flint Matapure went missing at the Harare Agricultural Showgrounds.

No leads have been found save for some few people who turned to be money mongers leading police on a wild goose chase.

Zimbabweans say such a scenario is totally unacceptable in a country which values the sanctity of life.

While the media has took a swipe at the church for not taking an active interest in the matter, a local church has responded by organising a march in solidarity with the Matapure family.

Founder and leader of Tabernacle of Worship Ministries, Bishop Rodger Jeffrey, called on the church to intensify prayers till the child returns.

Just like any other parents Given’s are still hopeful that their son is somewhere and will find her soon. Meanwhile, the parents can only cling to the remaining son Gift.

The march started from town house to the Harare Exhibition Centre with children carrying placards registering their willingness to live just like any other being.