children broadcast.jpgChildren from across greater Harare converged at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation in Highlands on Sunday to mark the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting amid excitement as some of the children went on air in a dream broadcast session.

It was all fun for the children when they graced the studios at the broadcasting centre to mark the day sponsored by the United Nations International Children’s Fund-UNICEF.

A Producer for the National FM radio station, Retsepile Stoboli, said the ICDB is the only day children take to the mike and make live broadcasts not only for entertainment, but to air some of their concerns and challenges in daily life.

The day comes amid conflicts in many parts of the world, presenting a gloomy picture of life to the young children and an uncertain future as adults engage in conflicts and wars that have put lives of children at risk.

During this year’s 21st February Movement commemorations, Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, implored that  the society should recognise and observe the rights of children.

Children’s rights have been observed and promoted since Independence in Zimbabwe through the popular education for all policy adopted by government, the right to health for children and campaigns against child abuse.


The HIV and AIDS pandemic has created adverse social effects as it has created child-headed households due to the death of both parents.