dance group in action 27.10.10.jpg22 community clubs from across the country will perform at a Children’s Theatre Festival to be hosted by Mabvuku Community Arts Project.

The festival, which will be held under the theme “Breaking The Silence,” in the suburbs of Mabvuku and Tafara, will provide children with a platform for sharing and expressing themselves through drama and poetry.

Actor and festival director, Fortune Rego, who acted in a number of plays and films such as Evil in Our Midst and Secrets, said the festival is there to instill confidence in children and encourage them to break the culture of silence and speak against all forms of abuse.

“The highlight of all Community Arts Projects continue to be moulded under the theme, ‘Breaking the Silence Children’s Theatre Festival” which is held once every year to commemorate the Day of the African Child,” said Rego.

The festival, which enters its fifth year, will be complemented by parents’ consultative meetings, which will give parents and guardians of children a chance to participate in the programme and share ideas and challenges that affect theatre in communities.

The Community Arts Projects was established in 1987 as a theatre group carrying out drama performances in schools, community and on radio programmes.