zim independence celebrations.jpgWith only 9 days left before the country celebrates Independence Day, some children in Harare have shown great awareness of the day that marks the country’s freedom from British colonial rule.

It is said “Knowledge is power”, and it is indeed a good reflection if children can remember important days as the future is informed by the past and young people as leaders of the future need to know history.

Most children who spoke to Zbc showed understanding of the importance of the country’s Independence Day.

“Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980 after a fierce battle against the British, who had colonised the country for almost a century,” said one child.

For those who have an artistic mind, a lot of activities will be lined up in celebration of the country’s 31st independence anniversary and some youngsters are already relishing the chance to celebrate the day through recital of poems.

On Monday the 18th of this month, Zimbabweans from all walks of life, both young and old, will unite to celebrate the birth of a free Zimbabwe, paying tribute to the great work done by the gallant sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their lives for freedom we enjoy today.