The Murasa family in Chinotimba suburb of Victoria Falls is struggling to come to terms with the multiple congenital defects on one of their child and is appealing for assistance for specialist treatment and heart surgery.

One and half year old Blessing Murasa was born at Victoria Falls hospital with multiple congenital defects also known as phocomelia syndrome.

The young girl has poorly formed body parts, with flipper-like hands, inner organ anomalies and cannot sit.

Blessing’s case was made worse when doctors confirmed that the child has a heart anomaly which is affecting her growth.

Blessing’s parents, Lorraine Gondo and Edmore Murasa, said they have over the past months tried to get help from some local health institutions but there is no improvement on the child’s condition.

“We have tried many options and we don’t see any improvement. The child has growth retardation and cannot sit. We are appealing for assistance so that we get specialist treatment,” said Mr Murasa, who is a part time painter.

Phocomelia is defined as a developmental disorder in which limbs are shortened or parts of the limbs are absent.

The disorder is congenital and very rare.

On the other hand, phocolemia syndrome means that besides the limb defect, there will be other anomalies on the eyes, ears, growth retardation, inner organ anomalies and mental deficit.

The Musara family is positive that one day the child will be able to walk and talk.

All those willing to assist the family may contact Mr Murasa on 0712 575 126 or 0779 976 337.