As the country moves towards achieving universal access to information through digitalisation programme, the people of Chikombedzi will start receiving radio and television signals soon as shown by progress made in establishing Chikombedzi transmitter site.

For the first time since independence the people of Chiredzi South who have been relying on South African or Mozambican airwaves are looking forward to access local radio and television signals through the country’s digitalisation programme.

Though they are not yet sure when, the installation of the Chikombedzi transmission tower which is almost complete bring them much hope and the project remains one of the biggest investment in their area.

“We are grateful about this development in our area which remain one of the government’s biggest investment in our area and we hope they finish soon so that we become part of the Zimbabwean community in terms of accessing information,” said Chief Chipapa.

Giving an update on the establishment of Chikombedzi transmitter site, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe technical director Engineer Matthias Chakanyuka said they are finalising the rigging of the transmitter tower as they await equipment installation.

“This is one of the new sites we are establishing and for Chikombedzi site we are currently finalising the rigging process as you can see and for radio services once some civil work are done before end of the first half of the year people will start receiving radio signals while we work on television signals,” he said.

Area legislator Retired Brigadier General Callisto Gwanetsa applauded the initiative saying it will ensure universal access to information by all Zimbabweans which is critical for development.

“I am so much excited about this development which I have been fighting for even in parliament. You know it has been derailing development here since no professional wanted to be deployed here and no one wanted to establish any form of business in this area,” he said.

Chikombedzi is one of the 18 digital transmitter sites currently being established under the digitalisation programme which will see the country realising increased national coverage for both radio and television and a transition from analogue to digital broadcast.