saviour kasukuwere 12-12-11.jpgGovernment says the involvement of traditional leaders in Community Share Ownership Schemes where chiefs will chair indigenisation committees in their localities on a rotational basis, will strengthen the programme’s transparency.

With the indigenisation and economic empowerment drive getting into full swing as witnessed by the launch of numerous employee and community share ownership schemes, questions have been raised as to how the benefitting communities will be represented. 

In an interview with ZBC News, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said the Ministry will ensure interlinked relationships between chiefs, communities and rural district councils to work together so that the exercise benefits the people.

Community Share Ownership Schemes or Trusts are a vehicle for participation in shareholding in various businesses by communities.

The proceeds from such participation will be used in projects which benefit the communities.

There shall be between 5 to 11 members of the Community Share Ownership Scheme depending on the size of the defined community in relation to the business concerned.

The Chief shall be the chairperson of the Community Share Ownership Scheme.

The Chairperson of the Rural District Council shall be a trustee.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Rural District Council shall be the Secretary of the Community Share Ownership Trust.