vp nkomo latest.jpgVice President John Landa Nkomo says chiefs should execute their duties without fear or favour as they are the custodians of the land and the country’s natural resources.

Cde Nkomo was addressing traditional leaders during the official closing of the three-day annual chiefs’ conference in Bulawayo.

He underscored the need for chiefs to take control of areas under their jurisdiction.

Vice President Nkomo also said chiefs should be involved in the indigenisation programme share ownership schemes and serve the interests of the people.

He said traditional leaders should commit themselves to the national healing and reconciliation programme and promote peace among the people.

On political leadership, Cde Nkomo said voters need to elect candidates who are interested in serving the interests of the people.

He said the nation should be wary of some western countries which intend to recolonise the country through the divide and rule tactic.

Cde Nkomo said to allow such a move is betrayal of the highest magnitude and should never be allowed to happen.

He said it is also a betrayal of those who sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence.