charumbira 31-10-10.jpgTraditional leaders from across the country will this Tuesday converge in Bulawayo for the Annual Chiefs’ Conference.

The traditional leaders will discuss issues ranging from the agricultural sector, the constitution-making process, environmental challenges as well as clarifications of their judicial functions which normally clash with those of the conventional courts.

The food security situation will be discussed extensively as some parts of the country are not expected to have a good harvest.

As per tradition, the chiefs’ conference is preceded by a Chiefs’ Council meeting.

President of the Chiefs’ Council, Chief Fortune Charumbira says the conference provides an opportunity for the traditional leadership to meet with cabinet ministers for clarification on various policy issues.

“We will be discussing various issues critical in the development of the country and these include issues of food security in the southern parts of the country and the food for work programmes. We are also worried about the veldt fires that have ravaged our natural resources throughout the country,” he said.

The annual conference, which will be officially opened this Thursday, will be attended by traditional leaders from the region.