Sometimes life has its own way best explained by nature.

In the cycle of a chicken’s life, the gods have probably been a bit unfair, giving it quick maturity and positioning it as the first choice of option for many meat eaters.

The rural set up aptly tells the sad life cycle of a chicken.

In its life, there is probably no querying of the attention the chicken receives.

Day in and out, those that rear them feed and shelter them jealously.

But perhaps the cruelest is the reason why this bird is given all the attention.

Interestingly, that the life of a chicken is one of condemnation to death from the day it was born.

In the quest to satisfy an immediate need, the chicken has been presented as the first option for kill if weighed against the costs of losing a goat, sheep or cow.

If only men could hear what the debate is like in the chicken world, one wonders what lessons humans would learn considering they shelter chickens solely for the fact that one day they will make a meal.

‘All men’s intentions are evil,’ the scripture proclaimed back in time.

That probably could be the summation of why chickens are brought up solely to meet their fate by the knife one day.

For vegetarians, it is probably this human-playing-god act that turned them into being herbivores.