The producer price of chicken meat is this month expected to go up to US$2 per kg from US$1.90 for poultry contract and individual growers owing to high demand by abattoirs.

An assessment on farmers into broiler chicken rearing and the market for the birds conducted by the Poultry Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) shows that chicken meat is scarce.

PAZ president Mr Solomon Zawe told the ZBC News that the dwindling production of broilers has triggered competition among abattoirs.

Driven by economies of scale, the price of broilers produced by contract growers, commercial and individuals is now pegged at between US$1.95 to US$2 per kg at the abattoirs, said Mr Zawe.

Mr Zawe predicts good times lie ahead for chicken producers as the poultry feed is expected to come down owing to the projected bumper maize harvest this season.

Chicken production is fast turning into a lucrative business, a move which is expected to attract many farmers to venture into poultry.

Economists attribute the high price and demand of local broilers to statutory instrument 64 which banned the importation of cheap and non-organic chicken meat which was destroying the poultry production industry and other key sectors of the country’s economy.