Chibuwe based upcoming Zimdance hall artist, Tatenda Saina has taken the Ndau speaking community by storm after recording six single tracks in his local language.

Tatenda, popularly known as Tago Syner, released six tracks that are Chikumbiro, Ngoma Zvishoma, Pachirume, Murudo Tifare, Sando Pachibuwe and Tombi Yangu that have became popular in Chibuwe and other Ndau speaking communities.

Tatenda said he deliberately recorded some of his songs in Ndau to promote the rich language and culture.

His music fan base is already growing at local business centres where pockets could be seen dancing along to his vibes.

After dropping out of school while in grade six following the passing on of his parents, Tatenda’s new found career is certainly redirecting his survival path.