The National AIDS Council (NAC), held a music gala in Masvingo`s Mucheke high density suburb where they provided HIV testing and circumcision services.

The music gala which featured artists such as Andy Muridzo, Agatha Murudzwa and Blessing Shumba drew people to Mucheke Stadium where the NAC disseminated information on HIV and AIDS.

Masvingo NAC provincial coordinator, Mr Evos Makoni said they were impressed with the turnout of people and their willingness to undergo voluntary HIV testing.

Mr Makoni however said the province is worried about new emerging hot spots along the Masvingo-Beitbridge highway which have become a breeding ground for new infections.

The main cause of concern is Chibi turn off, where commercial sex workers are said to be causing havoc.

“We are particularly happy that this year people are using the testing services without being incentivised. Last year we were incentivising people to get tested but this year they are voluntarily going in. We are however worried about Chibi turn off as it is fast becoming a hot spot for new infections,” said Mr Makoni.

Musicians Muridzo and Shumba who were among those who performed at the gala , urged youths to practice safe sex and abstinence.

The NAC said it will continue to seek ways of reaching out to communities to disseminate information on HIV prevention.

Dialogue will be held with villagers living close to identified hot spots with a view to promote prevention of new infections.