webster shamu media.jpgMedia, Information and Publicity Minister, Cde Webster Shamu says cheque book journalism has wrecked havoc in the local media landscape while the increasing influence from foreign investors who are in pursuit of regime change has also compromised the quality of Zimbabwe’s media products.


“African journalists should always be bound by the ethical foundations in our African societies,” said Cde Shamu.

Cde Shamu, who was officially opening the SADC Media Awards’ 16th Regional Adjudication Committee meeting, bemoaned the high rate of cheque book journalism where western powers are pouring money into media institutions and individuals as part of their regime change agenda in Zimbabwe.

Cde Shamu implored the SADC adjudicators to award media practitioners who are promoting development in their countries and their continent at large.

He said western countries are in pursuit of economic and political dominance on the continent, adding that it is up to journalists to always promote and protect interests of African societies.


“Instead of serving as African institutions, some organisations have been imitating western journalistsic practices and standards. African journalists should be reminded that they can still excel continentally and globally without serving western interests,” Minister Shamu added.

SADC media publications and public affairs, Mr Charles Mubita said throughout their adjudication meeting, what Cde Shamu highlighted will be taken into cognisance.

Zimbabwe is hosting the 16th SADC Regional Adjudication Committee for the second time since the launch of the competition.

The awards ceremony is expected to be held in Angola later this year.