rugby 24.jpgThe Zimbabwe Sevens rugby team captain, Jacques Laeto is optimistic of the Cheetahs chances of retaining the Castle sevens rugby trophy this weekend.

Laeto is positive the Cheetahs will emerge triumphant in Zambia and retain the Castle sevens crown which they won last year.

Cheetahs team manager, Bruce Hobson who indicated the country will also be sending the Goshawks as a developmental side, highlighted the significance of winning the Castle sevens event which will this year be a seeding tourney.

After last tasting competitive sevens’ rugby action in Hong Kong earlier this year, the Cheetahs will take to the field alongside 15 other teams at the 16-team tournament.

The Castle sevens tournament which runs from the 27th to the 28th of this month featuring sides from the African continent, will set in motion a busy period for the Zimbabwe sevens team which will also compete in South Africa’s Middleburg and Rustenburg tournaments next month.

The team departs for Zambia on Friday.