The Chipinge Rural District Council is in the process of compiling recommendations for Checheche Growth Point to be awarded town status following the positive growth impact brought about by the US$600 million ethanol plant.

The fortunes of Checheche Growth Point, which is located within Chipinge in the arid climatic region 4, are now changing.

A boom in cotton production 10 years ago had created an illusion that this growth point could turn into a town overnight before such hopes faded.

However, a massive agro-industrial partnership between ARDA and a consortium of private investors has awakened hopes for Chechehce’s town status.

Chipinge Rural District Council Chairman, Mr James Mundoma says the ethanol project at ARDA Chisumbanje has already had numerous commercial spinoffs, among them five new commercial banks which have set up shops within the area since the commencement of the project.

Business operators in the area agree that since the ethanol project kicked off, things have never been the same.

Checheche has become a hive of activity and a 4000 hectare community irrigation scheme is in the offing.

Already 160 hectares have been developed and are being allocated to the Checheche villagers.

More than 5000 employees form the staff compliment at ARDA Chisumbanje.

About US$2 million is injected into Checheche’s commercial fabric in the form of procurement of various goods as well as salaries and wages for staff within the agricultural and industrial dimensions of the project.