Charuma villagers in Chipinge are appealing for financial assistance to revive a local irrigation project that has failed to kick off since its establishment in 1998.

The story of Charuma Irrigation Scheme that is located in one of the most arid places of Chipinge is that of a village that is highly food insecure yet the irrigation that was started in 1998 has failed to kick off 19 years after its establishment.

Charuma Irrigation chairperson, Mr Caleb Tarungwadzwa said a lot of resources were used to set up the more than 53 hectares scheme with the dilemma being on whether to draw water from Save river or drilling boreholes.

He said the irrigation project can become operational if funding is availed to put in place infrastructure that supports the pumping of water from Save river which is just a few metres away.

Village head Mutape Stephen Manhungaurwa said it is disheartening to note that the village faces acute food shortages while a project that can alleviate food challenges failed to take off almost two decades after it was started due to planning inconsistencies and lack of funding.

As poverty continues to affect the people in Charuma village, watching an idle project for over 19 years that has the capacity to transform their lives remains a pain in the hearts of many locals.