Zimbabweans have been urged to value the family unit as its breakdown has led to the number of children roaming the country’s streets reach alarming levels.

The call was made during the launch of the Charles Chiriseri Foundation in the capital this Friday.

The Charles Chiriseri Foundation has been hailed as a key initiative expected to fortify the family unit by assisting couples to have healthier marriages.

Speaking at the launch of the foundation, president of the Chief’s Council, Chief Fortune Charumbira says Zimbabweans must realise that the breakdown of the family unit has ripple effects that mostly affect the children.

Founder of the Charles Chiriseri Foundation, Apostle Commissioner Petunia Chiriseri, who is also a member of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, says they hope to instill a unity of purpose and Godly principles in families, which are the foundation principles of a unit that will weather any storms.

The Presence International Ministries preacher, who was also its founder, Apostle Charles Chiriseri, lost his life in a horrific accident last year.