A pre-budget consultative meeting for Harare City Council in Glen Norah degenerated into chaos as the gathering turned political.

Constant booing of other rate payers disrupted participation by other residents.

The pre-budget consultative meeting convened by Glen Norah Councillor who is also the Mayor of Harare Mr Herbert Gomba was characterised by booing and unnecessary interjections.

The gathering appeared to have been inclined to a certain political party and disregarded contributions made by their perceived opponents.

Some residents queried why the city fathers continue to recruit more people yet they are failing to pay the already existing employees and deliver expected service to rate payers.

Other residents demanded that the authority put to good use the money they are collecting from rate payers.

In response to the concerns of the ratepayers, Councillor Gomba decided to side step issues and put the blame on central government for the poor administration and service delivery by the MDC Alliance led Harare City Council.

He said the council will continue to charge hospital fees at all the council run clinics and hospitals.

In the spirit of improving access to health the government came up with a policy to offer free health care to children under the age of five years, and for maternal care as well as the elderly.