There was chaos at Rottenrow Magistrates Court this Wednesday when court proceedings in most courts were disrupted after police detectives from CID Homicide physically manhandled Dellish Nguwaya and dragged him down the stairs while he was handcuffed and whisked him away.

Nguwaya was scheduled to appear before Harare Regional Magistrate, Mr Noel Mupeiwa who upon being appraised of the conduct by the police officers by the defence and state counsels removed Nguwaya from remand.

Upon enquiry and investigations, it was established that the man was none other than Nguwaya who was recently in the news for his role in naming high ranking police officials for alleged involvement in organised crime.

This incident led to a row with the CIO and saw Nguwaya applying for referral of his case to the Constitutional Court after alleging ceaseless harassment by the police and the planting of cocaine in his car.

At around 09:30 this morning, Nguwaya came to court for the commencement of his possession of an illicit drug trial before Mr Noel Mupewia where witnesses alleged that he was told by one detective, Sergeant Chatukuta from CID Homicide that they would just put a bullet into Nguwaya’s head and avoid all the delays in the matter necessitated by his lawyer, Advocate Jonathan Samukange.

Nguwaya allegedly responded and said the detective was a murderer, the matter was then moved to 11:15 hours.

It was at this time before the commencement of the trial that Chatukluta accompanied by one assistant inspector Nemaise and 8 other men pounced on Nguwaya at Court 20 and dragged him away assaulting him in the full view of the on lookers.

Advocate Samukange notified Mr Noel Mupeiwa of the contemptuous conduct by the police who did not even attempt to notify the prosecutor whether or not they had an arrest warrant for his client.

The court instructed the Public Prosecutor to summon detectives to bring the accused for trial in 30 minutes, and after they failed to come, he removed Nguwaya from remand, saying he could not allow such lawlessness to continue unabated.