nelson chamisa 22-08-10.jpgKnives are out for Kuwadzana House of Assembly Member, Mr Nelson Chamisa over his failure to complete a library despite numerous promises to finish the construction of the project which started over a decade ago.

The library, which has become an entry point for every politician seeking support from the Kuwadzana electorate, is still not complete despite its construction having commenced almost two decades ago.

Politicians such as the late Learnmore Jongwe used this library as a way of garnering support from the Kuwadzana electorate but he failed to take it to its completion.

The current legislator, Mr Nelson Chamisa, who is also the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, is serving his third parliamentary term and has failed to fulfil his promises of completing the library.

With countless promises about the completion of the library by the legislators having not materialised, residents, who spoke to Zbc News, are bitter about their legislator’s failure to honour his promise.

“We expected this library to have been completed a long time ago but this is not so. We really wonder what our MP is doing with the constituency development fund,” said one Kuwadzana resident.

Recently, legislators were given US$50 000 as constituency development funds and one would have thought Mr Chamisa would have channelled the money towards the completion of the project.