MDC Alliance leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa took his campaign trail to Manicaland province where he continued with his supposed message of restoration once voted into power.

Despite caution thrown to him that the challenges of Zimbabwe cannot be corrected in a matter of days, Advocate Chamisa’s campaign trail in Buhera, Nyazura and Marange resumed the obstinacy that in a matter of days he can fix all the existing challenges.

The assurance tone to the electorate that he is presidential material was however laced with admission of being a novice who still needs guidance.

He also indicated that he has foreign backers who are eager to pour in money into the country once he is elected into office.

The MDC Alliance leader who was recently in Europe was unmasked during a BBC programme, Hard Talk where the presenter, Stephen Sackur took him to task over some of his unrealistic statements he made during his campaigns.

Sackur described Chamisa’s electoral promises as ‘silly’ and equated them to the fictitious novel titled Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.