gabriel chaibva.jpgA political analyst, Cde Gabriel Chaibva says at the SADC summit scheduled for this week, Zanu PF should push hard for the holding of general elections this year as the 18 to 24 month-lifespan for the inclusive government as spelt by the GPA has expired.


In an interview, Cde Chaibva said with the continued boycotts of national events by some parties in the inclusive government and squabbles arising from petty issues, it is clear evidence that the inclusive government should be disbanded and the partners should seek a fresh mandate from the people.

Chaibva also stressed that the summit should set the record straight on the exact situation prevailing in the country following the false picture painted by MDC-T leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai during his tour of the region before the Livingstone Troika summit where he alleged that Zanu PF was perpetrating violence in the country.

Recent events have however proved that most of the cases of violence were infact carried out by the MDC-T especially in the run up to the party’s congress held in Bulawayo early this month.

Commenting on the issue of the SADC Tribunal which will come up for discussion at the Friday summit, Chaibva said SADC must be wary of the institution which was clandestinely created by the same forces which are bent on undermining the region’s national sovereignty and right to self-determination.

Operations of the SADC Tribunal were suspended at the region’s summit held in August last year, after some countries ruled that the body in some cases was overriding the laws of some countries.

The August summit directed the Ministers of Justice of member states to review the mandate, cases and jurisdiction of the SADC tribunal.

It was also argued that the tribunal is a nullity as it was not ratified by the required two thirds majority.