Nurses in rural communities are calling on the government to mobilise resources to improve their living quarters to solve one of the major challenges that has seen most nurses shunning working at rural health facilities.

Nursing staff at Zvamabonde District Hospital Compound at Chachacha Growth Point are forced to share rooms in what used to be the isolation centre for patients of infectious diseases patients. 

Each of the rooms is divided by a curtain.

For that, they have $30 deducted from their salaries despite the living quarters having been condemned as inhabitable by government.

Across the hospital, other staff members have been sheltered in the village community health workers lecture rooms.

It is the only place available for a newly recruited nurse.

Beyond the rooms, the structures themselves are dilapidated, the closest communal toilets are out of service, forcing the nurses to travel more than 200 metres to the nearest ablution facility.

Bathrooms are unavailable that the nurses and their families use make shift ones.

While there are promises of better days from their legislator, the 22 nurses who are serving a population of almost 10 000 people area, continue to live under such squalor until the promises are fulfilled.