Critics of Zimbabwe’s land reform usually point to vast tracts of land under utilised, but boasting of 20 000 layers with plans of expanding to meet the national demand is an exciting story at Eureka farm in Centenary.

Eureka Farm has become a good example of the success story of land reform programme as farmers venture into different models of utilising land.

With the chicken layers whose eggs are not even enough to meet provincial demand, the farmer Mr Philip Chimukute is coming up with strategies to expand his operations to meet national demand by putting another batch of 20 000 layers.

With such a massive project, it means investing a lot into growing crops such as soya beans and maize to support the value chain is critical, said Mr Chimukute.

Productivity has become the new dispensation’s call and activities at this farm speak into the government’s desire to see most land being utilised.

With the coming on board of command livestock, the prospects for growth in the sector is positive.