Longevity is an envy of many in the face of diseases that continues to claim lives prematurely with the story of a centenarian in Chibuwe giving important tips on the secret of becoming one of the longest survivors in the country.

A centenarian is a person who lives to or beyond the age of 100 years and it is extremely rare to live to see one’s 100th birthday.

Although he is still able to walk with the help of a walking stick and having fun with his family, Sekuru Mukayani Sithole who has three surviving wives and fathered 49 children has been able to keep his family intact and when this news crew visited Sekuru Sithole, who is believed to be 104 years, he was enjoying with his family.

Sekuru Sithole, who revealed that he first married in 1934 before temporarily going to work in South Africa, explained what he thinks made him survive that long, stating that as a Christian the favour and fear of God as well as abstaining from promiscuity is the answer defending polygamy as better than an adulterous life.

“The fear of God and living a holy life makes one survive that long. These days’ people are dying prematurely because they are living an adulterous life,” he said.

Sekuru also says faith, positive attitude, exercise and diet are important in living long and is happy that he still feels strong despite being advanced in age.

He believes that the trick is not to act your age.

 “Although I do not have energy to work at the moment, I employ people who work for us in the fields paying them,” Sekuru Sithole added.

His three wives say they are proud to be happily married to Sekuru Sithole stating that respect, his charming character and fairness in making key family decisions has helped to keep the family intact.

“We are happily married to our old man. We love him so much as he is charming and a caring husband,” said one of the wives.

In 2012, the United Nations estimated that there were 316 600 living centenarians worldwide.

Since the death of 117-year-old Nabi Tajima of Japan on 21 April this year, 117-year-old Chiyo Miyako of Japan, born 2 May 1901, is the oldest living person in the world whose age has been documented.