bheki cele sa.jpgThe commissioner of the South Africa Police Services, General Bheki Cele says the successful hosting of the World Cup was as a result of regional cooperation in fighting crime in the region.


General Cele was speaking at a police pass out parade held at Morris Deport in Harare.


He commended the ZRP for intercepting several criminals who were on their way to South Africa to disrupt the World Cup which had come to Africa for the first time.


He said the cordial relations that exists between the two countries has made it possible to combat transnational crimes.


“ZRP and SAPS enjoy cordial relations in fighting crime and we will not allow thugs and criminals in our countries,” said General Cele.


General Cele reminded the graduating officers to remain professional in the discharge of their duties and shun illicit dealings.


He said: “Remember you are there to fight crime not to be consumed by crime. You are joining a professional police force which is a citadel of policing in the region and beyond. This requires a high standard of discipline.”


The colorful graduation which saw police recruits reliving the World Cup by blowing vuvuzelas and holding Zimbabwean and South African flags to show unity between the two countries, was attended by a number of regional police officers and senior government officials.