Liberation war hero Cde Amhurst Manjengwa and heroine Cde Jester Dube were laid to rest at the Harare Provincial Heroes Acre in the capital this Wednesday.

Cde Manjengwa whose Chimurenga name was Cde Donald Chapunga was born in 1955 and died of cancer on the 28th of April, while Cde Dube born on 11 December 1958 and died this Tuesday were buried at the Provincial Heroes Acre this Wednesday.

The Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan province Cde Mirriam Chikukwa said the two were dedicated cadres committed to fight for the country’s freedom.

Manjengwa family spokesperson Mercy Manjengwa sad Cde Amhurst was a man of peace and a pillar in the family.

The Dube family representative Hlonipani Dube said her mother was a caring woman and the family has lost a unifier.

Cde Manjengwa joined the liberation struggle in 1975 where he was trained at Chimoio camp in Mozambique and later operated in Manicaland until the cease fire in 1979. 

He participated in the third Chimurenga and participated in the Zanu PF war veterans’ association activities and remained resolute in support of the revolution.

He is survived by two wives Idzayi Manjengwa, Irene Matsika and five children.

Cde Dube was forced to cross into Zambia in 1978 at the peak of the liberation war and received her military training at Mkushi Training Camp where she received her military training.

Cde Dube participated in the Zanu PF’s war veterans association activities.

She is survived by 2 children and 8 grandchildren.