court.jpgThe executor of the estate of the late national hero, Cde Charles Dauramanzi, Cecil Madondo is facing charges of fraud involving $160 000.

Mr Madondo is alleged to have misrepresented to the Master of High Court by making a false inventory in his declaration documents of the estate of Cde Dauramanzi.

Madondo is said to have included stand number 322 and 324 of Enkeldon Township in Chivhu when in actual fact the stands in question are owned by Chivhu Holdings.

It is further alleged that in July last year, Madondo unlawfully circulated information in connection with the Chivhu Holdings claiming the late Cde Dauramanzi had 100% shares yet in actual fact he had 25% shares.

In his defence, Madondo’s lawyers say the matter was due to a mistake, adding that he had no criminal intentions.

Meanwhile, the court is expected to make a ruling after the accused applied for refusal of remand.