10 schools in Buhera south are on a major face lift after the local legislator, Cde Joseph Chinotimba rolled out a schools painting programme among other community assistance projects.

In an interview during the distribution of 4000 litres of paint to the 10 schools, Cde Chinotimba said the support programe is not part of community development funds (CDF) and is one of his initiatives to support the education sector.

“A number of community assistance projects are on the cards as I am determined to improve the standard of living in my constituency. I focus on developmental work as it helps to transform societies for the better. It is the responsibility of legislators to develop their communities and the current support programme is being made in that spirit,” said Cde Chinotimba.

The legislator condemned the buying of beer and drugs by legislators as a way of canvassing for support from the electorate, saying there is need to focus on community development projects that have an impact even on future generations.