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US extends illegal sanctions against Zim

barack obama.jpgThe United States has extended the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe for another year.
The sanctions were imposed by the George Bush administration on December 21, 2001 through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, ZIDERA to assist Britain in the fight with her former colony Zimbabwe over the land issue.

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Tsvangirai hailed for calling for lifting of sanctions

parly flot.jpgMost legislators from Zanu-PF and MDC-M have saluted Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai for joining the Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe by openly challenging Britain, the United States and their allies to immediately lift the illegal sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe. 
However, as a result some members of the MDC-T yesterday walked out of parliament in protest of their leader’s decision to call for the end of the sanctions. 

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stop environmental pollution – Nhema

industry.jpgThe government has warned industry and organisations that cause pollution or environmental degradation that they will meet the full cost of rehabilitating the environment in a move aimed at tightening adherence to laws protecting the environment.

The economic activity especially industrial processes have for a long time produced adverse environmental impact through consumption of energy, water and materials as well as the production of emissions, liquid and solid waste.

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Tsvangirai calls for removal of sanctions

pm tsvangirai.jpgPrime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai has for the first time spoken clearly and unequivocally on sanctions saying it is high time that all forms of  illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain, United States and their western allies must be lifted in-order to allow the inclusive government of fully implement the Global Political Agreement. 

After a year of calling sanctions restrictive measures and being pressurised for not calling for sanctions to be lifted, Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai is charting a new path. 

Speaking to local and international journalists soon after emerging from a closed door meeting with the visiting Danish Minister of Development Cooperation Mr. Soren Pind,  Prime Minister Mr. Tsvangirai clearly called  for the first time  for the immediate lifting of sanctions saying the inclusive government has reached an irreversible stage that needs to be complemented by such a move.

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Safeguard Zim’s sovereignty -president Mugabe

president and amai1.jpgThe 21st February movement, has, since its establishment in 1986 striven to mould patriotic youths with attributes similar to the exemplary principles, dedication  patriotism and leadership qualities shown over many decades of struggle by the Head of State and Government and Commander In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence forces President Robert Mugabe.

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