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The Three Toothless Lions: Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

albert.jpgBy Albert Chekai
In the article ‘The night the vuvuzelas went silent’ the cliché ‘football was invented by the English and perfected by the Brazilians’ was redefined with the sentence ’…but was destroyed by the South Africans’ being added. But after the display by England against Germany the same saying has again undergone refurbishment and goes like “though the English invented football which was later perfected by the Brazilians and distorted by South Africans, the same English destroyed the sport they founded”.


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Nigel Chanakira’s ‘sin’

nigel.jpgNigel Chanakira, a victim of some calculated neo-colonial deception- Lessons for Zimbabwe!
By Mhlomuli Ncube


The most talked about merger in Zimbabwe’s business arena which saw Nigel Chanakira’s Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited marrying the Moxon family’s Meikles Africa, was celebrated as a corporate achievement.


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MDC-T reshuffle a farce

tendai_biti  tsvangirai.jpg

By Panganai Nzira and Forget Tsododo


The reported power struggles between the temperamental Tendai Biti, MDC-T Secretary-General and the kitchen cabinet kingmaker, Ian Makone, has taken a new twist as the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai announced a reshuffle of MDC-T ministers.


The move is widely viewed as part of the power dynamics in the party, ahead of the congress next year, as the race for the next president of the MDC-T goes into acceleration.


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