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Maradona the greatest

bla zvoma.jpgBy Ian Zvoma


My love for football started at a very tender age so much so that before I learnt to write probably one of the shortest names on the planet (my name) I could kick a ball primarily because of the influence of my uncle Herbert Takawira who played soccer at the highest level in the 1970s through to 80s.

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Zimbabwe cricket: swimming or sinking?

effort.jpgBy Effort Magoso


Many years ago I was courted to love a sport, a gentleman’s game. However, that love has over the years brought spells of hope and desolation, tears of ecstasy and moments of grief.

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Rooney: Football god or nonentity?

wayne-rooney 20-10-10.jpgBy Thembinkosi Mangena


For the past 20 years that I have seen Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson addressing pre-match press conferences, I have never seen the most decorated manager in England as dejected as he looked yesterday.


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Treading the Same Path that leadeth to Hell.

albert.jpgBy Albert Mirirayi Chekayi.

In her book, ‘The Divine Revelation of Hell”, Mary K. Baxter takes the reader through a horror experience of a place called hell. In a chilling narration, Baxter reveals how she was taken by the Lord Jesus for 30 consecutive nights and shown the place called hell while she experienced the beauty of paradise for 10 consecutive nights. The reason: simple. That she could tell others what she had seen and heard so that some might be saved.

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