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Treading the Same Path that leadeth to Hell.

albert.jpgBy Albert Mirirayi Chekayi.

In her book, ‘The Divine Revelation of Hell”, Mary K. Baxter takes the reader through a horror experience of a place called hell. In a chilling narration, Baxter reveals how she was taken by the Lord Jesus for 30 consecutive nights and shown the place called hell while she experienced the beauty of paradise for 10 consecutive nights. The reason: simple. That she could tell others what she had seen and heard so that some might be saved.

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As Simple as Ball-boys


gutsa.jpgBy Jotham E. Gutsa

The world’s most celebrated and famous football player of all time, Pele also known as “the Black Pearl” once said, ”Football is the worlds most beautiful game.”

With a career total of 1280 goals, he may have been the world’s most popular athlete after he was named Athlete of the Century by the world’s combined National Olympic Committees in 1999, though he never played in the Olympics himself.

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PSL “old wine in new bottles”

francis.jpgWith the local Premier Soccer League having reached the half-way mark, nothing seems to have changed with the domestic premiership seemingly headed in the same direction as it was, the same time last season.


While the domestic premiership found itself desperately searching for corporate support same time last year, it’s the same scenario with the top flight league now headed by Twine Phiri and his board of governors, still desperately searching for a sponsor that has proven elusive. 

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Zimbabwe’s wonder kid

francis.jpgBy Francis Nyamutsamba


After mesmerizing his opponents by putting up a sterling performance in his debut Afcon qualifying encounter in Warrior’s colours, one could not help but draw similiarities between former Warriors skipper, Peter Ndlovu and emerging Kaiser Chiefs hitman, Knowledge Musona.

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