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UK human rights report a fallacy

By Peacemaker Zano It is an undisputed verity that the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe has an unparalleled record of upholding citizen’s rights and this is evidenced by the democratic laws that have been enacted since independence and the total repealing of tyrannical laws that were enacted by the colonialists to safeguard their parochial interests. However, there are always some regime change agents who include the western communities, who always want to soil that record. They have been criticising and unjustifiably accusing Zimbabwe of violating human rights.  Yet at the back of their mind, they really know that...

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PPPs vital for infrastructure development

By Chigumbu Warikandwa The property sector is one sector that has remained buoyant inside a depressed macro-economy. This is largely driven by the local market’s quest for immovable property and investments by Zimbabwe’s expatriate workers spread in the Diaspora. In the Zimbabwean economy, once beaten by runaway inflation, property has proved to be a secure alternative store of value and a bankable investment which both firms and individuals trust ahead of all else. With this background, the demand for property has always outstripped supply as local authorities have for long been limping far behind the quest for both residential...

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MDC-T whines again

The Shona adage, shiri ine muririre wayo haiuregeri best describes the MDC-T when it comes to elections, as the party seizes any opportunity to grumble over the possibility of losing an election to rigging or any imaginary unfair play. As usual, MDC-T is up in arms with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) after it announced that of the 9 600 voter registration centres being set up in the country, 1 100 had been earmarked for Harare (700) and Bulawayo (400). MDC-T’s paranoia stinks to high heavens bearing in mind that they never took any effort to understand ZEC’s criterion...

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Cash problems related to skewed fundamentals

By Charles T.M.J. Dube IT is not about the liquidity crunch, but the fundamentals. I am deep in conversation with the Central Bank boss Dr John Mangudya and we are in agreement on a crucial point; there is need for a change in mindset. The Governor laments that people are wasting time arguing and debating about symptoms instead of fundamentals. This Governor is smart and witty. He wants us to start from the basics by understanding why we are where we are; the implications being that he acknowledges we are dealing with a problem economy. Our local dollars (L$s)...

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Disaster sensitive govt critical

By Chigumbu Warikandwa Delegates sat for a disaster preparedness workshop at Ndlela Centre in Gweru in 2009. This centre is owned by the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ). The workshop was steered by the MCZ Education Department then led by renowned educationist, Reverend Masala Masuku. The Methodist Church’s disaster aptitude was inspired by the events of December 1995 which saw the death of 22 pupils from Moleli High School at Lake Chivero after the coxswain overloaded the boat they were sailing threefold. Accident stakeholders’ reaction in this mishap was highly uninspiring leading to an avoidable surge in unwanted casualties. Had the students and the guiding teacher not taken active DIY assistance, the casualties could have surged beyond 22. In Zimbabwe there is a general ineptitude towards disasters as evidenced by public reactions at the most common road traffic accidents. Usually, bystanders jostle to catch a curious glimpse of dying victims without offering common first aid. Disappointing enough would be that the jostling bystanders retard the speed and efficiency of first aiders should they, however, arrive. Pro-action and reaction periods are most important in the accident cycle. Only a couple of days ago, President Mugabe was in Mexico attending the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction organised by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. This platform, which calls for participation at highest level from UN member states, is...

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